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Hip problems

Hip problems

Hip pain is pain arising from the anatomical region of the hip. It can be a result of arthritis, strains of the muscles around the hip, joint injuries or referred pain from the spine and is commonly confused with pelvic pain. Hip pain caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis may refer into the groin or into the thigh and knee. Chiropractors treat hip pain using a package of care that may include manual therapies, acupuncture, exercise prescription and onward referral when indicated.

Pelvic pain can be caused by lifting and carrying incorrectly, poor posture or pregnancy and can lead to pain in the low back, buttocks, hips, lower abdomen, groin and thighs. Due to the fact that back problems can sometimes refer to pain in the hips or legs it can commonly be mistaken for hip pain or sciatica.

The Chelmsford Chiropractic Clinic has a state of the art digital x-ray system on-site or easy referral for private MRI should we need to carry out further investigation.*

*In accordance with Bronfort et al. chiropractic & osteopathy 2010, 18:3: manual therapy (which may include spinal manipulation, mobilsation or massage) has shown moderate or high quality evidence for hip osteoarthritis.