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"5 Stars "

I cannot fault this clinic, they effortlessly provide a nurturing, warm, friendly, knowledgeable, professional service - Always!.  Thank you so much!

Written by
Helen Galbraith
"Excellent Service"

Always had excellent service and both my conditions are superbly managed by Dicken. The BPPV treatment has been outstanding. The reception staff are the most helpful of any ideal with.

Written by
Jane Boulden
"The therapists are very knowledgeable "

All the staff are aways very welcoming.  The therapists are very knowledgeable and provide a professional treatment in a comfortable environment.  My family and I  have been a patient for years and always feel the benefit. 

Written by
Dan Gilbey
"Highly professional"

All the staff are highly professional. I've been attending the clinic for a number of years which has greatly helped my neck and back issues I have from time to time.

Written by
Fiona Stewart
"Well run"

I have been attending the clinic for a long time, it is well run.  All staff are friendly and professional, I get seen mostly on time be that a chiropractor or massage therapist. 

Written by
Judith Groves
"Very happy with my initial assessment"

I was very happy with my initial assessment and diagnosis. It put my mind at ease without any hassle of seeing the GP.  Since then I've continued to improve with Laura's care.

Written by
Elizabeth S
"Excellent professionals"

5 Stars. Excellent professionals you will be in safe hands. 

Written by
Nathanael Riley
"Good quality service"

Good quality service, everytime.  I feel Mike knows what I need.  Very knowledgeable and friendly. 

Written by
Rachel Aldridge
"A very welcoming practice "

A very welcoming practice.  I have major skeletal problems which are not curable so chiropractic and sports massage are necessary for pain management and joint maintenace. 

Written by
Martin Herbert
"Always gone above and beyond"

I have been using this clinic since 1990!  Always gone above and beyond. Lovely staff, clean environment, lots of advice. 10/10 from me everytime.  My body is always falling apart, but this keeps me moving well.

Written by
Mandy Micra-Marciano
"5 Stars "

Very friendly and welcoming. Walked through every process without any concerns. Overall more than happy. 

Written by
David Clark
"Recommended by 3 separate friends"

The clinic was recommended by 3 separate friends and we have been very pleased with the service. 

Written by
Clare Rowe
"6 marathons & the 6 star finishers medal."


I was recommended to your clinic by Maggie Clarke whilst training for the Boston Marathon.

I was seen by Hadley at the time and over a number of visits he cured the back problems I was experiencing.

I set myself a challenge of becoming one of the few people to complete the 6 marathon majors and to get my hands on the 6 star finishers medal.

Tokyo this year was my final marathon and the back pain resurfaced so another visit, actually on Hadley’s last day cleared up the problem and allowed me to achieve my dream.

Thank you!

Written by
Andy Saltwell
"We are both very grateful to the practice "

Many thanks to Chelmsford Chiropractic Clinic who in recent months discovered from an Xray of my husband's back that he had a large Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and advised immediate referral to hospital. Without this advice the Aneurysm could have ruptured at any time. I have also recently been diagnosed with Vertigo and thanks to the expert treatment of Dicken Read I am now fully recovered. We are both very grateful to the practice and cannot praise the staff and treatment received enough. Thank you

Written by
Helen Philpiot
"It was a great experience"

This time last year I was just getting over spinal problems which had left me walking, in the summer, with great difficulty and had to cancel a holiday. With Caron's care and attention I am back playing tennis and using the Gym. I was therefore deemed fit enough to do a sponsored Wing Walk for charity on Sunday September 25th at the age of 75. It was a great experience and thanks Caron for sponsoring me.

The sky is now the limit!

Written by
Val Chiswell
"Very practical advice which helped treat my problem quickly"

Having never visited a chiropractor before, I must admit I was someone sceptical, but my first visit with Mike I was impressed.

He quickly explained what would happen, and more importantly why, he diagnosed my problem very quickly and then set about a course of treatment.  Through the course of treatment he gave me a lot of very practical advice which helped treat my problem quickly.

I highly recommend Chelmsford Chiropractic Clinic and Mike.


Written by
John Flack
"On a friends recommendation i called the clinic"

I have been a patient for less than 3 months however in that time I have gone from being hunched over and barely able to walk to now being basically back to my normal healthy self.

On our friends recommendation I called the clinic for an emergency appointment after I suddenly suffered a severe back spasm.  I was treated by Mike who immediately identified the issue and set about correcting it.

I completely recommend the clinic and Mike for getting me back on my feet and free of back pain.

Written by
Christopher Markey
"I am so glad i booked up"

I can't thank Caron Warner enough for the treatment on my back.  I am a professional dog groomer and my work involves lots of lifting, twisting and reaching which was causing me lower back pain on a daily basis.  It came to a point where I could not go on feeling like this.   I have to say I have always been a little sceptical about such things but I'm so glad I booked up and went.   Even after my first appointment with Caron I was staggered on how much better my body felt and my energy levels rose.  Caron has also advised me of certain exercises to help me further at home.  Overall I would highly recommend the clinic.  I can now work without that awful struggle I had.  Thank you very much.


Written by
Victoria Adkins
"I would rate this clinic highly"

I have been a patient for a number of years and was originally recommended through a family member.   I found myself with neck pain recently and knew this was the best place to get it fixed.   After a single session with Mike Shilton I had already regained a significant amount of mobility.  After a few more sessions I was back to normal.

Both Mike and the other staff at the clinic were helpful and professional.  I would rate this clinic highly and certainly recommend to anyone in need. 

Written by
Richard Taylor

I have been a patient for over 10 years and came because of recommendation. I have been treated for both my back and legs and each time have comfort and relief from pain. If not a cure certain temporary help was given.

All the staff  have been friendly, kind and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble.

I would certainly recommend, and have done so, this practice to anyone with back problems. I cannot praise everyone highly enough.

Written by
Valerie Rickers

At age 67, and after a long history of pains in my shoulder, neck and head, I had my first consultation with Caron Warner in December 2013.  The Migraine Action Association, of which I’m a member, suggested that chiropractic could be helpful in cases like mine, which included concern about the amount of painkillers I was taking, leading to Medication Overuse Rebound headaches.  I chose Chelmsford Chiropractic Clinic because of its excellent reputation and its proximity to my home. 

Caron was very sympathetic and hopeful at my first consultation, but was also realist, warning me that a 60%  improvement would be her aim, as my problem was so ingrained.

After Christmas and a winter sun holiday, I started my treatment with Caron, seeing her twice a week for six weeks along with a fortnightly massage with Samantha Wilkinson.  Caron used her hands and special equipment to treat my problem areas and to correct spinal misalignment.  She showed me some spine-stretching exercises which I did at home.

Sam used her hands to give me restorative and calming massages which included locating trigger points, when she helped the painful knots to fade away.  She checked with me about how much pressure was comfortable.

Although I was still getting some of the pain I’d had before, I made a gradual improvement.  After the initial intensive six weeks, I saw Caron and Sam fortnightly, and then monthly.  From having only two pain-free days a month at the end of 2013, the number of these days steadily increased, to eight and then to twelve by May 2014.  By June I was no longer taking any migraine medication (Triptans, which I’d been taking up to 13 times a month before I saw Caron) and this continued,  along with taking fewer over-the counter painkillers, for over four months.  I hadn’t been this pain-free for decades and it was wonderful.  Wonderful, too, to move freely and easily, after years of debilitating knots and tension.

Now, in November 2014, my original problem has surfaced again, and I’ve resumed having twice weekly appointment with Caron.  She said that a similar relapse is experienced by 70% of long-term lower back or headache sufferers in their first year of chiropractic treatment, which was very reassuring.  She has already eased the tension in my head, neck and shoulders and we’re both hopeful of a pain-free outcome.

Every member of staff at the clinic has been kind, gentle and respectful. They have kept me informed about what they are doing.  There’s a warm and friendly atmosphere as soon as you set foot inside the door and see the welcoming receptionist.

My overall experience is very positive, and I would recommend this clinic to anyone in pain.  Even if you’ve had your pain for decades, the staff here can help you.

Written by
Jennifer Moir
"Wonderful Clinic"

I’ve had trouble with my neck for about 25 years and the clinic was recommended by a relative. I have been treated wonderfully well and have told all my friends about the clinic.

Written by
Susan Sweetland
"Would Recommend"

I have been a patient for about 10 months. On the recommendation of a friend I first attended after years of back pain. For the first time in over 25 years my back problems have been reduced by over 90%  I feel like a new man. I cannot praise the staff enough both for their professionalism, the treatment and friendly nature when attending the clinic. I am a convert and would recommend chiropractic treatment to anyone, especially at this great clinic.

Written by
Stephen Cruddas
"Friendly and Sympathetic"

I have been a patient at Chelmsford Chiropractic Clinic since 1997 since serious back and neck problems. I initially found the practice through Yellow Pages. I was treated for damaged sciatic and subsequently femoral nerve damage. Treatment has kept me active and able to work.

I have recommended relatives to the practice.

All staff are friendly and sympathetic.

Written by
Raymond White

25 years a patient.

Told about it from a friend.

Spine trouble, saved from going in a wheelchair.

With care and politeness and friendship.

Yes, I would recommend them and have done.


Written by
Pat Cilvert

All the times I have come for treatment I have been very happy with the friendly matter in which I have been looked after.

Written by
Susan May

I have been a patient for several years. I have always found everyone to be friendly and knowledgeable. I have sought help with a number of issues. Treatment cannot always achieve an outright cure but has always reduced more stubborn/chronic issues to a much more manageable level. I would recommend the services of the clinic.

Written by
Martin Holbrook

I have been a patient here for 12 years having been recommended by my last practitioner as I moved from Hampshire to Essex.

My lower back is prone to needing re-alignment from time to time especially as I get older. Here good back health is maintained by twice yearly check ups.

At all times the atmosphere is calm and welcoming and the treatment most professional.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this practice and in fact, I have, several times.

Written by
Barbara Purchase
"Very Welcoming"

I have been a patient here for ten years and heard about it through my wife, who was already a patient. I have been treated for spinal stenosis which has definitely improved as a result of the treatment. I have always found the staff to be welcoming, helpful and patient and always know that visits will be relaxing and friendly. I would certainly recommend this practice to anybody. My experience has been totally positive.

Written by
David Mortimer
"Would recommend"

I’ve been a patient of Chelmsford Chiropractic Clinic for over 10 years – as have my family. During which time I’ve been treated for a variety of neck and back problems.  All of these have been successfully treated and with periodic maintenance have prevented any re-occurrences. I’ve found all of the staff extremely accommodating and would recommend the practice without hesitation.

Written by
Geoff Merriman

I have been a patient with the clinic for a couple of years. I come in for shoulder and neck issues. Since joining the clinic my shoulder issues have dramatically improved and neck treatment is ongoing maintenance.

The Chiropractor listens and takes action, making you feel in safe hands. I have been involved in 2 road traffic accidents since joining the clinic and the help, support and treatment was extremely good.

All the staff are welcoming and friendly and I would not hesitate to recommend this practice.

Written by
Helen Galbraith
"Very helpful"

I have been a patient for 10 years. I was recommended by a friend and I am very glad I was. The treatment I have received has been excellent. I really do not know what I would have done without Dicken’s care. The staff are very helpful and are always cheerful.

Written by
Dawn Crisp

I have been a patient for 10 years. I was recommended by a friend and I am very glad I was. The treatment I have received has been excellent. I really do not know what I would have done without Dicken’s care. The staff are very helpful and are always cheerful.

Written by
Pauline Hodson
"dreaded headaches have eased"

I was recommended by a friend to visit the practice as I have been a headache sufferer. Over the few years I have been coming I can honestly say my dreaded headaches have eased – a big plus for me and my health.

All the staff are very polite and helpful and I would say to anyone who experiences headaches to visit. It might not be a cure but makes life much more pleasurable.

Written by
Joanne Scott
"extremely helpful"

I have been a patient for over 3 years, initially being treated for neck pain. I was recommended by a friend and would have no hesitation in recommending others to the clinic. Caron is very helpful and friendly and has helped to manage and alleviate my neck problems.

Everyone at the clinic is extremely helpful and very professional.

Written by
Stuart Poole
"the staff are most welcoming"

I have been to this practice for back treatment and the outcome is looking good. You are well looked after and all the staff are most welcoming. I would recommend this practice to anyone.

Written by
Dorothy Marshall
"Excellent treatment, helpful staff."

Been a patient since 1977.

A friend told me about Ian Hutchinson.

Neck and lower back problems.

Excellent treatment, helpful staff.

Definitely recommend.

Overall experience: They have kept me active and mobile.

Written by
Brian Hawes

I have been a patient at the clinic since the mid nineties when I started having neck and back problems. I already knew the practice as my husband had treatment there. I have been under the care of Dicken Read and it is testimony to the treatment and ongoing care that I am still able to cope with the everyday chores and my garden!

The treatment I receive from everyone at the clinic is excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend the practice to anyone.

My thanks to you all.

Written by
Doreen Smillie